I am Valentina Fulginiti, an instructor and curriculum designer with over 15 years of experience in K12 and higher education. Since taking my first steps in the world of training and workshop facilitating, I have always seen myself as an architect of learning experiences. Whether I am working online or in person, my goal is to create an environment that empowers learners to explore contents and set their own learning journey.

In this blog, you will find thoughts and ideas on some of my areas of professional expertise:

  • Blended and online instruction
  • Inclusive design
  • Effective assessment
  • Needs analysis and target audience analysis
  • Tips and ideas for language teaching (online, blended, F2F)
  • Visual learning
  • Transitioning from F2F to online learning.
  • Informal learning beyond the classroom

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone, and in no way representative of current or past employers. This is a non-commercial platform, whose only goal is to disseminate ideas and promote discussion on best practices for online learning.